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Salem Roofing Contractor

If you are determined to get a roof that is worth your money, your choice of metal roofing is excellent. Finding a dedicated Salem roofing contractor with a focus on metal roofing can be a challenge.

At Superior Roofing Systems, we believe in metal roofs. In fact, we don’t install any other kind. We bring this single-minded dedication and focus to every roof we install in the Salem area.  

As a roofing contractor in Salem that believes in customer service, we will return your calls, show up on time, and keep you informed. With Superior Roofing Systems, you get more than our expertise with metal roofs. You get a Salem roofing contractor who puts you first so you have peace of mind and a great experience.

"We had an excellent experience with superior roofing systems. They are very friendly, neat and on time as well. The roof really makes the house look so nice, we appreciate it.“

Thanks, Chris & Jessica Durbin

Workmanship You Can Trust

What We Do:

  • We provide the best service you’ll find.
  • We use premium fade-resistant metal.
  • We employ experienced professional roof installers.
  • We replace all flashing and trim to prevent future leaks.
  • We work hard to complete your roof on or ahead of schedule.
  • In the unlikely event of repairs, your needs go to the front of the line.

What We Don't Do:

  • We don’t cut corners to make a buck.
  • We don’t treat you like just another customer to fleece.
  • We don’t use cheap metal that fades in a few years.
  • We don’t rely on inexperienced and untrained workers.
  • We don’t start another project until yours is complete.
  • We don’t leave behind a mess for you to clean up.
View of a metal roof by Superior Roofing from the top down.

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